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December 2015 commit(update2)

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December 2015 commit(update2)

Post by kohedlo on Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:59 pm

december 2015 commit

- fixed closing editor
- fixed import models without default material error
- added new material preferences: frensel, roughness, specular.
- fixed preview window in imaterial editor.

- preparing: new anite nodes:
            - ambient sound play;
            - actor_move;
            - particle_plat;
            - actor_visiblity;
            - setGUIElementText;
            - deepOfField;
             new anite curve timeline nodes:
            - camera_zoom;
            - rotate_relative;
            - sound_volime;
            - fade_in_out;
- released base of AniTE Timeline editor.

- Ported skeletal animation

- [FAIL] added multithreading functions for IE processes. (for backgroung sound, map loading, or script processes)

XPN 9: (extreeme programming night):
- ready AniTE sound track, animation track. mover track!

XPN 10:

- added timeslider in anite.
- added import files of physics.
- added new physics primitives for IModel: Sphere, Capsule, Convex.
- added physics preferences in IWorld panel.

XPN 11:

- released motionBuilder, that ported from IE v1,5 (In editor creator of new skeletal animation)

- full source code minimisied to 75% of disc old space (now 4gb)

- added path highlighting for AniTE mover_track


- (throwing down PhysX convex 256 faces only limitation Mad
- added convex(with limitatios of generation bat throught file) and trianglemesh physics shapes for IModels.

XPN 12:

- Added local transforms for AniTE timeline. (IScene can be played in local space at asset position)
- added FOV preference for ICamera fctor.
- background game colour synchronised wit colour perspective in Editor.
- fixed docking of windows.
- added key-values inversion for reverse playing of anite timelines.

XPN 13:
- (in process timeline curve editor) Shocked

Update 2


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