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How to make dice for gambling?

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How to make dice for gambling?

Post by kohedlo on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:01 pm

How to make dice for gambling?

1) too simple a solution:

- Generates a random number between 1 and 6.
- The conclusion of the screen.
- You can display the image side of the cube.

2) in 3D, with physics

C Asset with each side at a considerable distance from the center of the bone model atachitsya nevidemy noticing, and each is assigned a flag: kubik_1_storona_3.
- Turn on physics cube.
-delaetsya mini stage for cubes.
-delaetsya nevidemaya physics, floor, ceiling walls. You can cover cubes cup model.
- At the level of atachenogo nevidemogo flag stretch sensor trigger.
- Bind to the Bears button arbitrary rotation. When the button is released. Cubes falling and stop.
- Remove the sensor readings, get a name check boxes looking at the top.
- Pass on the values ​​of the bones in the game.

It's simple, and 3e. With physics.

The cube can be covered with silver and gold points. On reflection mira.ha.

(by translator)


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