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How to make the multiplayer?

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How to make the multiplayer?

Post by kohedlo on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:02 pm

How to make the multiplayer?

Below is an effective scheme-architecture build multiplayer games.
Thanks to her, you can quickly create your online on our engine, and on the other, too:
turnament, RPG, Mass servers, or Multi-worlds.

It is also useful for the universal scheme of 1x1 or 4-6 cooperatives and paired prohodilok.

Build .:


1) Preparation:
- Starting the server.

2) loading of peace or room and initialization of accounting:
- Card download.
- Create a list of card events.
- Loading npc.
- The creation of ncp list.
- Creation of the list of players.

3) Run the update cycle:

- Send out the event cards.
- Regestriruem event.
- Send out positions and ncp action.
- Regestririruem state ncp.
- Register in the list of players who will drop further.


1) Preparation:
- Create the client,
- Connect.

2) download:

- Assign yourself a nickname.

- Download maps, world, asking the server room.
- Synchronize the event card.
- Load the ncp server according to the list.
- Synchronize state ncp.

- Load the player from the list.

- Spawn its igoka, razsylaem through the server.

3) update cycle:

- Razsylaem their position, status and action.

- Refer to the registration of interaction with ncp.

- Refer to the actions of the server with the card.


For mega rooms, instead of common reference point, you can send a single point where the player runs, both in lineage2.

Types of events:
- Current (include blast wall).
- Elapsed (instantly turn on the ruins of the walls, purely for synchronization as rushilos not with us.

All success and a good day.

(by translator)


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